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DVD - Dreamtime Showtime

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This 80 minute history has been 40,000 years in the making! Not only does this film feature all the jaw dropping highlights we associate with the aboriginal contingent over the past 30 or so years, it gives a holistic view of all the elements which total the indigenous contribution to our native game.

Featuring a retrospective look back at the Indigenous Team of the Century named in 2005, it also highlights the individuals whose deeds have changed the game off their own boot or stood up against racism. It examines the growing poignancy of the Dreamtime at the G event and the impact of AFL initiatives in aboriginal communities. Staying current it provides a great talking point by naming the current best Indigenous All Star Team available. A comprehensive visual almanac utilising memorable archival footage which includes season 2012 and reminiscences of key protagonists. It is clearly one of the finest films VEG has ever produced and is a must see for all sports fans!